Farm shop

Welcome to our fabulous farm shop.

Our shop continues to offer only the finest home produced or locally sourced goods, from fresh meat, sourced and butchered on our farm, to home made soups, pies and quiches. We also sell fresh vegetables, dairy products, locally sourced jams and preserves, and Cottage Delight goods.

If you're stuck for ideas, our wonderful team are on hand to give you some delicious suggestions. We have fresh beef, lamb and pork, as well as beautiful  sausages and our highly popular home produce.

FREE PARKING! We have lots of parking spaces and they're all free so even at busy times you can get to us easily.

LEADER funding assisted with our project, completed in May 2016, to fit out and equip our new farm shop and café, replacing the previous small farm shop. By using meat and produce from Tottingworth Farm and local suppliers, customers are given an insight into the full process of food production, with an emphasis on animal welfare and reduced food miles.