Show Results

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2023 Show Results

Heathfield Show 

Champion, Reserve Champion, Native Champion, Commercial Champion Male and Reserve Supreme Champion. 

South of England Show

Tottingworth's Gracie 1 won overall Female Champion, Any Other Interbreed Champion, and went on to win Supreme Beef Champion of the Show. 

Royal Highland and Great Yorkshire Show 

Tottingworth Zeus, Belted Bull came 2nd at the Royal Highland, and was Champion Male and Junior Champion Reserve Breed Champion at The Great Yorkshire Show. 

Belty Bull
Belted Galloway

2022 Show Results

Tottingworth Mary 1st - Voted 2022 Galloway Miss World 

She won Interbreed Champion at Heathfield Show, Native Champion at South of England Show, Belted Galloway Breed Champion at the Royal Highland Show and Great Yorkshire Show. 

From there she went on to win Galloway Miss Europe and then Galloway Miss World!  We are still in shock! 

2021 Show Results

Reserve Pedigree Champion at the English Winter Fair 

Champion Native at the Welsh Winter Fair 

Overall Champion at the South East Prime Stock and Overall Champion at Hailsham Fat stock show. 


Previous Show Results

Galloway Silverbell won her class, went on to be Champion in Any Other Breed Native and Reserve Interbreed Beef Champion at Heathfield Agricultural Show 2017 

Galloway Silverbell won her class, went Junior Champion and Inter Breed Junior Champion at The Royal Highland Show 2017.  

Galloway Silverbell won the Galloways and went Overall Reserve Junior Champion of the show.

Any Other Breed Native: Silverbell won her class and was Champion in Any Other Breed Native.