Delivery service in Broad Oak and Heathfield on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 2pm and 4pm. Orders must be placed before 3pm the day before, once your order has been processed we will contact you to take payment over the phone. 

We have been successfully delivering to the elderly and vulnerable throughout Covid 19 and are now in a position to expand this service to anyone within the vicinity of Heathfield and Broad Oak, with a delivery charge of £2 and a minimum delivery of £20. 

You can also pre-order and collect from the shop. Pre-orders can either be taken over the phone on 01435 862425, or you can fill out a form online and email it to us at [email protected]  

Collections can be made Wednesday to Sunday.  Please place your order by 3pm the day before.

Below, is a selection of items that can be ordered from our shop.  We have a much wider selection available to those who are after something a little more specific, so please feel free to ask a member of staff for more details. 


Beef mince £8.95 kg

Diced beef £9.50 kg

Sirloin steak £25 kg

Rump steak £19.90 kg

Rib Eye Steak £25 kg

Roasting joint £11.90 kg

6oz Beef burger £1.40 each


Shoulder £9.90 kg

Leg £12.45 kg

Barnsley chops £16.90 kg

Lamb Mince £9 kg

Diced Lamb £11.90 kg

6oz Lamb Burger £1.40 each

Lamb Koftas £1.20 each



Chicken Breast £7.20 Kg

Whole Chicken £3.45 Kg

Chicken Thighs £4.20 Kg

Lemon Pepper Chicken £8.50 Kg

Jamican or Curry Chicken

Stir Fry £8.50 kg

Chicken BBQ Pieces £5.00 Kg

Coated Chicken Thighs £5.00 Kg 



Chicken and Ham Pies

Steak and Ale Pies

Beef Pasties

Sausage Rolls

Pork Pies


Frozen meals 

Lasagne, Cottage Pie, Fish Pie and much more....








Prices may vary

Large Cauliflower £1.85 each

Cabbage £1.50 each

Fine green beans £1.50 pack

Sweet stem broccoli £2.85 pack

Courgette £3.65 kg

Parsnip £2.40 kg

Broccoli £4.50 kg

Leeks £2.49 kg

Carrots £1.20 kg

Swede £1.60 kg

Potatoes £1.50 kg

Onions (red and white) £1.45 kg

Sweet potato £3 kg

Butternut squash £1.95 each

Large flat mushrooms £4.10 kg 

Button mushrooms £3.50 kg 

Aubergine 95p


Prices may vary

Cherry vine tomatoes £7.50 kg 

Lettuce £1.25 each

Peppers 80p each

Cucumbers £1.25 each

Spring Onions .80p

Garlic 50p



Apples £2.95 kg

Bramley apples £2.50 kg

Bananas £2.45 kg 

Oranges 30p each

Lemons 45p each

Strawberries seasonal price

Raspberries seasonal price

Blueberries seasonal price

Grapes seasonal price



Cumberland  £7.50 kg

Kentish Hop  £7.50 kg

Hot and Spicy £8.50kg GF

Chipolatas £9.00kg


Roasting Pork £8.50kg

Pork Chops £8.65kg

Streaky bacon or bacon smoked / unsmoked £10.50 kg

Smoked and unsmoked Gammon Joint £9.80 kg

Sticky Maple Pork Loin Steaks £13.95kg


Bread from The Sussex Kitchen

Brown or White sliced loaf £2.95

Small white Sussex sourdough £2.45

Seeded sourdough £2.65

Sliced bloomer £2.95

Brioche Buns 60p each

Pre Order required 

Fougasse £3.10

Large White Sussex Sourdough £3.45

Medium Rye £3.45

Pugliese £3.25



Hinxden Dairy Milk - 2 pints £1.40

4 pints £2.25

Full fat, semi-skimmed and skimmed

Double cream 284ml £1.84

Natural yoghurt 500ml £1.95

Creme Fraiche £1.80

Haystack cheddar approx. pack price £4

Butter £1.60

Eggs - 6 £1.50

Broad Oak Honey £4.95


Gluten Free Biscuits

lemon, ginger, honey £1.99

Cookies large £2.80

Salted Caramel, Double Choc, Ginger & Lemon, Shortbread, Choc Chunk

Small Cookies £1.95

Rhubarb, Cherry & Almond,

Salted Caramel, Ginger

Loaf Cake £3.50

Cherry, chocolate, coffee, lemon, ginger 


Pipers crisps small bag 65p

Large bag £1.95

Beef, Chorizo, Cheddar, Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt, Tomato 

Cheese Palmiers  £3.50

Tomato & Basil breadsticks £3.79

with much more, including an everyday range of Flour and Pasta



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